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Kopavogur, Capital Region


The Icelandic Chamber Music Festival in Kópavogur

Vlad Dimulescu



Born in Brasov in 1962, where he began studing piano at Music College. Continued his musical studies at "Music Academy" in Bucharest, with Prof. Univ. C .I. Vovu.

After several years of  teaching in  music schools in 1990 he became assistant at Music Faculty of " Transilvania " University in Brasov, and in 1993, assistant of principal piano department at Music Academy in Bucharest. Presently he is piano lecturer at the same department. In June 2000 obtained the title of Doctor in Arts (PhD) with thesis " Belcanto guide marks in chopinian pianistic".

He colaborated with the following conductors: Cristian Mandeal, Horia Andreescu, Iosif Conta, Emil Simon, Ludovic Bacs, I. Ionescu  Galati , Cristian Brancusi, Petre Sbarcea, Gheorghe Costin, Richard Oschanitzky, Ovidiu Balan, M. Cichirdan, L. Szalman, M. Cristescu, P. Staicu, A. Niculescu, D. Ratiu, C. Marinescu, C. G. Neagu, and also with foreign conductors: Eduard Serov, Enzo Ferraris, G. Emilsson, Robert Houllighan, Peter Fanger, Bruno Marttinotti, Nir Kabaretti, Tateo Nakajima,Daisuke Soga,Wang Jing,Juan Jose Olives,Aurelio Canonici.

He  played  in piano and chamber music recitals in important concert halls, all over the country: Romanian "Atheneum ","Mihail Jora"Hall of Romanian  Radio Broadcast, Art Museum, "Little Hall of the Palace", "Dalles Hall "(all in Bucharest) and also in other cities: Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara, Tg. Mures.

Laureate at international competitions:
- 1983  Salerno  Italy - IV prize
- 1985 _ Cluj - Napoca "G.Dima" Romania- I prize
- 1985 " A.T. M." Prize and   " Musical Critics College Prize"(1986)
- 1991  Bucharest "George Enescu "Contest  V prize and "Albert Roussel"  prize
- 1992 Vina  del Mar "Dr. L. Sigall"Chile- V place and "Claudio Arrau"Medal.

Tónleikar 9. ágúst í Salnum Kópavogi
Klukkan 20:00
2.200 |1.500 ISK

Festival pass including all concerts 9.000 ISK



Johannes Brahms  (1833 - 1897)
6 Piano Pieces,op.118 (6 Klavierstucke,op.118) 

George Enescu (1881 - 1955)
Sonata op.24, no.1 

Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897)
Variations and Fugue on a theme by Haendel, op.24